“Looking for those ‘hard to find’ Rubber Products?” Choose from our wide range of industrial rubber seals and small rubber mouldings.
BRANDS: 3M - Ados - Boston - Comfoot - Deckgrip™ - Dri-mat - Loctite - Reidrubber - Rubbermark™ - Safety-Walk™ -Sherpa

  Adhesives   Mats/Matting
  Anti-Slip D.I.Y Packs   Sheets/Sheeting
  Extruded Rubber Profiles   Small Rubber Mouldings
  Foam Industrial(Closed Cell)   Sponge Sheets/Sheeting
  Hoses Plumbing   Sponge(Seals/Profiles)
  Latex Liquid Moulding   Tubings

Celebrating 25 Years - 1990 - 2015
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